Trick to speed up your Window XP

Trick to speed up your Window XP

1.) Disable the services and programs that begin at Windows startup. This can save loads of memory and resources. Go to “Start” and “Run,” and type “msconfig.” This should bring up a window with various tabs. Choose the “Startup” tab, and go down the list un-checking the services and programs you don’t use all the time.

2.) Turn off all the Windows XP “effects.” Windows has a lot of effects that are meant to make the user interface more attractive, but the truth is they produce quite a load on your memory and other resources. Luckily, they can be easily disabled. Press and hold the “Windows” button and press the “Pause/Break” button as well to bring up the “System Properties” window. Click the “advanced” tab, and check the radio button next to “adjust for best performance.” This will eliminate many of the effects and give you more memory and speed to work with.

3.) Defragment your hard drive. This is a very straight-forward process that should be done at regular intervals anyway to keep your system running smoothly. Simply go to “My Computer” and right-click on the drive you want to defragment, and choose “properties.” Click on the “tools” tab and you should see a button labeled “defragment now.” The process takes a while, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, but it speeds up the process of finding and opening files and programs considerably.

4.) Scan/Remove spyware, adware, etc. Even the casual Web-surfer will encounter spyware, adware and various forms of attacks. It’s important to have virus, spyware and adware software installed and running on your computer to catch and quarantine any malicious files, cookies, etc. Spyware and adware especially, will eat up your memory and resources while running quietly in the background.

5.) Remove Un-wanted programs. You may be surprised at how many programs you have on your hard drive that you never even use. Removing these will free up some considerable room, and make your system run quicker. Go to your “Control Panel,” and choose “Add or Remove Software.restart your computer.( source )

Indonesia language :

tips untuk mempercepat kinerja komputer kamu ,perlu melakukan servis atau perawatan OS kamu.Biasanya yang paling berpengaruh adalah memory kamu dan harddrive.

Simpelnya seperti ini.doa mudah2an kata2nya gak salah he..he..

  • Non aktifkan program yang jarang di pake di STARUP komputer,buka RUN - ketik MSCONFIG - clik TAB STARUP - lalu jangan di ceklist program yg ga mau di buka saat komputer baru pertama dinyalakan.
  • Matikan effeck tampilan di XP, tekan dan tahan tombol Windows di keyboard lalu tekan tombol pause/break di kyboard - pilih advance - pilih best performance
  • Defrag hard drive - di all program - accesoris - system tool
  • Matikan spyware atau addware yg kamu pake
  • Uninstal program yg ga di pake atau jarang di pake
  • restart komputer kamu.
Gimana ada perubahan ? kalo gak ada tambah memory atau upgrade komputer kamu..heu..heu...tepuktangan

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